c. 240 A.D. Roman Empire Antoninianus - Emperor Gordian III


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Roman Empire - Gordian III Antoninianus, c. 240 A.D.

Condition notes : Extremely well-struck and well-preserved.  Subtle golden toning.  

Gordian III was a short-lived Roman emperor, reigning for only six years during the tumultuous 3rd century.  After the murder of his predecessors by the Praetorian Guard, Gordian was appointed emperor at the age of 13.  Gordian was a figurehead ruler for most of his reign, and died at age 19, either in battle against the Persian Empire or at the hands of his successor, Philip the Arab.  Despite his short and unmemorable reign, Gordian III's youth and tragic end endeared him to the people of Rome, and he was officially deified (proclaimed to be a god) after his death by the Senate.  

Specs: 22mm, 3.6g, ~.480 fine silver.  

Inscription: "IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG" = trans. "Emperor Gordianus, Pious + Happy Augustus"
Reverse: Hercules standing right, leaning on club. "VIRTVTI AVGVSTI" = "Virtus of the Augusti"


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