Foreign Silver Coins

Interested in foreign coins? We offer a wide selection of silver coins from Europe, Asia, and South America.  We specialize in silver crowns, a large denomination produced within many countries from the 17th century onwards. All of our coins have patina (AKA "toning"), a deepening of coloration on the coin's surface that naturally occurs over decades of circulation.  We purposefully avoid coins that show any signs of cleaning, as cleaning destroys the natural patina and harms the coin's appearance.  Outside of cleaning, any other flaws or points of interest on an individual coin will be called out within the product description.  


If you're looking for a coin from a specific country or ruler but don't want to deal with eBay, we'll be happy to find you the coin you want.  Simply contact us through our Contact Form or via email, to, and we'll work our hardest to find you a coin that meets your price and quality specifications.  

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