1887-1892 Great Britain Crown - Queen Victoria (Jubilee Head Portrait)


One British Crown coin of Queen Victoria, minted between 1887-1892, in Fine or better circulated condition. These coins have seen moderate circulation, but have design features and lettering still well-defined. All of our coins have natural patina/toning, and have never been cleaned.  

These large silver coins were minted continuously from 1707 all the way through to 1965, with each crown featuring the reigning monarch.  Minted in sterling silver (.925 fine) until 1920, British crowns have a higher purity than most other crown coins and silver dollars, and each contains .84 troy ounces of silver.  

This particular crown was struck during the reign of Queen Victoria, the longest-reigning British monarch in history (r. 1837-1901, the "Victorian Era").  The coin's obverse features the "Jubilee Head" portrait of an elderly Victoria while the reverse features a classical depiction of the legendary encounter between St. George and an unfortunate dragon.  


Coin Specifications
Country Great Britain
Years 1887-1892
Denomination Crown
Metal Alloy Silver (.925 fine)
Weight 28.3g
Diameter 38.6mm



"Victoria, by the Grace of God, Queen of Britain, Defender of the Faith"

Reverse Mint year
Edge Reeded
Mintmarks None


The photograph illustrates the quality of the coin(s) you will receive, not the exact item. The year will be of our choosing.

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Great Britain Crown - Mintage Numbers

Year Mintage Notes
1887 173,000
1888 132,000
1889 1,807,000
1890 998,000
1891 556,000
1892 451,000

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