1809-1814 France Gold 20 Francs - Napoleon I


One French gold 20 Francs coin, minted between 1809-1914, in Very Fine or better condition. These coins have moderate wear, but with all main design features well-preserved.  All coins have original surfaces, with no signs of cleaning or polishing.  

These coins were minted under Emperor Napoleon I, AKA Napoleon Bonaparte, during the latter years of his reign. They feature a portrait of Napoleon wearing a laurel wreath, a crown worn by military heroes and emperors in ancient Rome. Napoleon encouraged comparisons of his French Empire to the ancient Roman Empire, and styled himself as a Roman emperor after conquering Italy. 

Coin Specifications
Country France
Years 1809-1914
Denomination 20 Francs
Metal Alloy Gold (.900 fine)
Weight 6.45g
Diameter 21mm

("Emperor Napoleon")


("French Empire")


"God protect France"


The photograph shows the exact coin you will receive.

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