1943-1945 Mexico 1 Peso Silver Coin


One Mexican 1 Peso silver coin, minted between 1920-1945, in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. These coins have no wear and strong luster.  

The coin's obverse shows a beams of light shining out from a liberty cap, an ancient symbol of freedom and a common numismatic motif. The reverse features the Mexican coat of arms, a golden eagle perches on a cactus and devours a snake.  According to Aztec legend, an ancient prophecy foretold that the Aztecs would build a great city on the spot where they saw such an event.  The city they founded was called Tenochtitlan - now known as Mexico City. 

Coin Specifications
Country Mexico
Years 1920-1945
Denomination 1 Peso
Metal Alloy Silver (.720 fine)
Weight 16.6g
Diameter 34mm
Obverse "UN PESO"
"One Peso"
"Mexican United States"
"Independence and Liberty"

The photograph illustrates the quality of the coin(s) you will receive, not the exact item.  Years will be of our choosing.  

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