1861-1870 France 5 Francs - Emperor Napoleon III


One French 5 Francs coin, minted between 1861-1870, in Fine or better circulated condition. "A" mintmark, struck at the Paris mint. These coins have seen moderate circulation, but the design features and lettering are still defined.  All coins have original surfaces, with no signs of cleaning or polishing.  

A French silver crown of Empire Napoleon III, AKA Louis Napoleon. Louis Napoleon was the nephew of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte, but never quite reached the heights of his uncle's success.  Originally democratically elected as the French president, Louis Napoleon organized a coup d'etat and seized control of the government after the French parliament refused to let him run for a second term.  After declaring himself Emperor of France, Napoleon III quickly led the country in a more belligerent direction and became embroiled in wars with several other European powers.  Lacking the military genius of his uncle, Napoleon III eventually met defeat at the hands of the nascent Prussian Empire and lived out the rest of his life in exile.  


Coin Specifications
Country France
Years 1861 - 1870
Denomination 5 Francs
Metal Alloy Silver (.900 fine)
Weight 25g
Diameter 37mm

("Emperor Napoleon III")


("French Empire" | "5 Francs")


("God protect France")


The photograph illustrates the quality of the coin(s) you will receive, not the exact item. The year will be of our choosing.  

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France 5 Francs - Mintage Numbers

Year Mintage Notes
1861 A 22,098 "A" = Paris mintmark
1861 E very few "E" = Essai (pattern). Rare
1862 A 27,819 Rare no mintmark variety exists
1863 A 14,997
1864 A 32,168
1865 A 24,577
1865 BB 72,557 "BB" = Strasbourg mintmark
1866 A 37,893
1867 A 6,586,442
1867 BB 4,223,870
1868 A 6,633,998
1868 BB 12,090,112
1869 A 2,055,891
1869 BB 9,596,966
1870 A 6,620,297
1870 BB 2,054,764

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