1870-1889 France 5 Francs Silver Crown


One French 5 Francs coin, minted between 1870-1889, in Fine or better circulated condition. These coins have seen moderate circulation, but the design features and lettering are still well-defined. Our coins have original patina/toning, and have never been cleaned.  

These large, high-purity silver coins display the symbolic "Hercules group" design of the talented French engraver Augustin Dupré.  The legendary hero Hercules, representing power, rests his hands on the shoulders of two women. Just as Hercules battled with horrendous monsters and beasts, the French Republic battled against the French monarchy. Hercules' female companions are personifications—the Republic stands on the left, holding a staff topped by a liberty cap, while Justice stands on the right with a scale. The reverse inscription translates as, "Liberty - Equality - Fraternity," three guiding principles for the young republic.  


Coin Specifications
Country France (3rd Republic)
Years 1870-1889
Denomination 5 Francs
Metal Alloy Silver (.900 fine)
Weight 25g
Diameter 37mm
("Liberty Equality Fraternity")
Reverse "REPUBLIQUE FRANCAIS" | "5 Francs"
("French Republic" | "5 Francs")
("God protect France")
Mintmarks A (Paris), K (Bordeaux)


The photograph illustrates the quality of the coin(s) you will receive, not the exact item. The year will be of our choosing.  

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France 5 Francs - Mintage Numbers

Year Mintage Notes
1870 A 261,000 "A" = Paris mintmark
1871 A 273,906
1871 K 74,609 "K" = Bordeaux mintmark
1872 A 56,844
1872 K 20,994
1873 A 27,076,954
1873 K 3,852,855
1874 A 7,999,202
1874 K 4,000,000
1875 A 13,338,560
1875 K 1,661,440
1876 A 8,800,000
1876 K 1,732,263
1877 A 2,631,994
1877 K 660,863
1878 A 1,154 Very rare
1878 K 363,130
1889 A 20

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