1865-1878 Belgium 5 Francs - King Leopold II


One Belgian 5 Francs coin, minted between 1865-1878, in Fine or better circulated condition. These coins have seen moderate circulation, but the design features and lettering are still well defined.  All coins have original surfaces with an original patina, and have never been cleaned.  

A Belgian silver crown of King Leopold II. Leopold is most famous for surreptitiously gaining control over the African region of Congo as a private individual, with the aid of a mercenary army. He established his own private state there (unaffiliated with Belgium) and amassed a huge fortune through brutal exploitation and enslavement of the native Congolese population. International pressure eventually forced him to yield possession, though not before he had caused the deaths of more than 2 million people. 


Coin Specifications
Country Belgium
Years 1865-1878
Denomination 5 Francs
Metal Alloy Silver (.900 fine)
Weight 25g
Diameter 37mm
Mintmarks None


The photograph illustrates the quality of the coin(s) you will receive, not the exact item. The year will be of our choosing.  

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Belgium 5 Francs - Mintage Numbers

Year Mintage Notes
1865 n/a Rare
1866 n/a Rare
1867 3,693,140
1868 6,570,564
1869 12,667,682
1870 10,468,075
1871 4,783,434
1872 2,045,823
1873 22,340,959
1874 2,403,087
1875 2,980,940
1876 2,159,895
1877 none produced
1878 3 Extr. rare

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