1824-1830 France 5 Francs - Charles X


One French 5 francs coin, minted between 1824-1830, in Fine or better circulated condition. These coins have seen moderate circulation, but have all of their design features and lettering still well-defined. All of our coins have patina/toning, naturally formed over and have never been cleaned.

Struck during the reign of King Charles X (r. 1824-1830), an ultra-conservative French constitutional monarch.  Assuming the crown of France post-revolution, Charles desired a return to the traditional power and prestige of the monarchy.  He began instituting a series of unpopular royalist policies to that effect.  After liberals gained control in the French parliament, Charles used his emergency powers to suspend the constitution and dissolve the parliament.  This resulted in massive rioting and violence and forced Charles to flee to northern France, where he ultimately renounced all claims to the throne.  But the French still weren't satisfied, and a mob of 14,000 angry Frenchmen forced Charles to flee to Britain with his family. He lived the rest of his life there in exile.  

Coin Specifications
Country France
Years 1824-1830
Denomination 5 Francs
Metal Alloy Silver (.900 fine)
Weight 25g
Diameter 37mm


"Charles X, King of France"


"5 F"

"5 Francs"


("God save the King")


The photograph illustrates the quality of the coin(s) you will receive, not the exact item. The year will be of our choosing.  

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France 5 Francs 1824-1830 - Mintage Numbers

Year Mintage Notes
1824 A 408,343 "A" = Paris mintmark
1825 A 2,491,647
1825 B 112,784 "B" = Rouen mintmark
1825 BB 156,617 "BB" = Strasbourg mintmark
1825 D 185,055 "D" = Lyon mintmark
1825 H 157,335 "H" = La Rochelle mintmark
1825 I 154,914 "I" = Limoges mintmark
1825 K 326,150 "K" = Bourdeaux mintmark
1825 L 227,052 "L" = Bayonne mintmark
1825 M 154,245 "M" = Toulouse mintmark
1825 MA 176,289 "MA" = Marseilles mintmark
1825 Q 162,886 "Q" = Perpignan mintmark
1825 W 1,103,789 "W" = Lille mintmark

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