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In 1921, two different designs of U.S. silver dollars were produced.  1921 was the last year of the iconic Morgan Dollar series, which had started in 1878. 1921 Morgan Dollars were produced at the following mints: Philadelphia (no mintmark), San Francisco (S mintmark), and Denver (D mintmark).  1921 also saw the beginning of the Peace Dollar series, the final series of silver dollar coins produced by the U.S. Mint, which were minted until 1935.  1921 Peace Dollars were only produced at the Philadelphia mint.  


1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Values

The 1921 Morgan Dollars had some of the highest mintages of the series, with tens of millions of coins produced.  As a result, these dollar coins are fairly affordable in most grades.  The mintmark can be located on the reverse side underneath the eagle and above the letters "D" and "O" of "DOLLAR".  Coins minted in Philadelphia have no mintmark, Denver a "D" mintmark, and San Francisco an "S" mintmark.  Silver dollar values are taken from the Red Book.  

  U.S. Mint Branch Good Extra Fine Mint State
   Philadelphia mint $20 $30 $45
   Denver mint $20 $30 $50
   San Francisco mint $20 $30 $60


1921 Peace Silver Dollar Values

The first year of the Peace Dollar series was struck in high relief, which means the design features of the coin stick out farther from the surface.  This high relief design was difficult and impractical to produce, and in 1922 the Peace Dollar was switched to a lower-relief design.  Only about 1 million Peace Dollars were produced in 1921, making this dollar coin much more valuable than most others within the series.  The 1921 Peace Dollar is also highly-prized by collectors for its striking design, as the high relief version brings out all the details in the artist's vision.  All 1921 Peace Dollars were minted in Philadelphia, and have no mintmark.  

 U.S. Mint Branch Good Extra Fine Mint State
   Philadelphia mint $50 $85 $300


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Written by Max Breitenbach
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